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Plan activities that the person with Alzheimer’s enjoys. The person can be part of the activity or just a spectator. Also, you don’t always have to be the «activity director». For more information on adult day care services that can help you, see Getting Help Caring for the Person with Alzheimer’s.

Many people with Alzheimer’s enjoy having pets such as dogs, cats or birds. Pets can help «give purpose to their lives». Pets can also help people with Alzheimer’s feel more loved and less worried.

Gardening is a way to be a part of nature. It can help people with Alzheimer’s remember days gone by and fun times. It can also help the person focus on what he or she can still do.

People in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease can still enjoy the same type of walks they enjoyed in the past. Keep taking these walks as long as you feel comfortable.


In Chinese medicine, Shennong (神农),[2] known as the Emperor of the Five Grains, is credited as the author of the work called «Divine Classic of Herbs and Roots for the Peasant» (神农本草经) which appears to have been written towards the end of the Western Han Dynasty. [3] Chinese mythology states that the ingredients were carried by the air itself to the caldron of Shenong, from where it reported its uses.[4] Shenong is revered as the father of Chinese medicine.[5] The Acanthaceae family of Acanthaceae is also known to have been used in Chinese medicine.[6] The Acanthaceae family of Acanthaceae is also known as the Acanthaceae family.

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The Acanthaceae family contains several genera of plants with roots of medicinal interest. For example, an infusion is prepared from the root of Justicia spicigera that is indicated for blood disorders, such as anemia, excessive menstruation, mild circulatory disorders such as varicose veins, as well as for the relief of some symptoms of menopause. [6] For its part, cooking the roots of Justicia adhatoda promotes labor, while in investigations of this plant for its possible effects, a substance isolated from the root, yuehchukena, prevents gestation in rats. 7] This compound has been isolated from other roots, including Murraya paniculata.


Regarding maritime and port protection, port security, surveillance, verification, visits, inspections and Coast Guard functions, there are 117 maritime and port terminals, 20 guarded by the maritime and port protection units, and the remaining 97 by the naval commands, there are 3,100 elements deployed.

The coordination strategy in the Mexico City airport, this was a practice of users, training of personnel, which has been achieved, of course, trust, security, efficiency, speed in procedures, immigration control, improvement in the transit of people and vehicles. There are 1,500 elements deployed at the airport. And these are the actions and results that have been obtained in support to security, medical attention, etc.

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Regarding national security strategy, the use of naval intelligence, what was achieved in terms of arrests in Gustavo A. Madero, the arrest of an element for criminal association and crimes against health, also in Colima and Jalisco, the arrest of the elements that participated in the crime of homicide of the director of the Special Unit to Combat Kidnapping was achieved.

2,000 gallons of fuel are stolen from a gas station in

Based on the above, this project proposes to process (mount and capture) 5,000 specimens; standardize data, georeference localities without coordinates and incorporate 40,000 records in the database (35,000 records in a non-standardized database and the 5,000 new records to be entered).

Fungi Collection. As a result of the mycological research carried out in the Fungi Section of the XAL Herbarium, explorations and exchanges with different national and foreign fungi collections, there are more than 54,000 specimens available. Of these, only 10,000 specimens from Veracruz have been incorporated in the database, so there is still a lot to incorporate.

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It is planned to incorporate 5,000 specimens collected in Veracruz, as well as from different entities of the country and even important and critical species from abroad, so that this material will be available for consultation by specialists and those interested in this group of organisms.

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