What is a search engine

CSE: Customized search engine

When we enter an Internet search engine and type in the keywords we want to find information about, the robots get to work. They are able to crawl millions of web servers until they find those pages that have important information about the keyword we have searched for.

Open Library is a space where you can «borrow» scanned books. In addition, it also collects television information, which makes it very important for researchers. As for user privacy, they state that they «try to avoid keeping users’ IP addresses and offer an https site».

If you are interested in the world of search engines and want to capture qualified traffic and achieve business objectives such as leads, visits, sales or downloads, take a look at the Master in Search Engine Marketing: SEO, SEM and PPC. You will become a specialist in attracting traffic through a practical methodology from the hand of great professionals in the sector.

How to set Google as search engine in Chrome

The <title> element of a homepage can include the website or company name, as well as other important information, such as the company’s physical location or its main offerings or specialties.

  Diferencia entre seo y sem

Use meaningful headings to indicate important topics and help create a hierarchical structure for your content, which will allow users to navigate your document more easily.

Use heading tags where appropriate, but keep in mind that if you include too many on a page, it will be more difficult for users to determine where a topic begins or ends if they read quickly.

We recommend that you use structured data with any supported annotation markup language to describe content. You can add markup language to the HTML code of your pages or use tools such as the Data Marker and Markup Language Wizard.

If you want to test structured data markup language without changing your site’s source code, you can use the Data Marker, a tool built into Search Console that supports a subset of content types.

MAXImini.com : Protect your privacy by using a privacy engine

On the other hand, beyond personal interests, there are also commercial interests. In this segment fit our brands, businesses, companies, which survive thanks to the movements they make on the Internet.

  Diferencia entre seo y sem

That is to say, they refer the query to other sites to analyze the results they present, in order to widen the margin of the same results, present their own conclusions and order the links according to the order defined by the structural system of the meta-search engine.

The largest of the search engines, the best known of all. Although it existed before, it became successful in mid-2001 and its concept is based on the use of PageRank, whose premise is that the pages that are most desired are linked, in greater quantity, to other pages.

It comes from the Hawaiian word wiki which means fast and a reference to the term encyclopedia. It has its own database of articles hosted on this page on a wide variety of topics. These articles can be edited by users.


Here I leave the reports, to say that I was very surprised to find malware in the IOBIT folder because that is where the Advanced System Care program is used to clean the PC of junk files and to optimize it, and I thought it was a reliable program ….

  Diferencia entre seo y sem

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