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And is that while we have already told you how to unlock the tree coldeterno, now it’s time for us to focus on getting all the scarlet agates that are within the new area of espinadragon.

We will need to get all 79 scarlet agates from Genshin Impact in order to maximize the tree, something that will grant us a multitude of rewards including wishes, exclusive materials, weapon prototypes and all kinds of recipes and blueprints.

As you collect them, you can select «marked as found», so you don’t get confused, and you’ll be able to locate the 79 scarlet agates scattered around the area, something you can do in an afternoon.

If you need more help with Genshin Impact, check here how to play with friends and unlock the cooperative mode, unlock the Frioeterno tree, where is the Guyun stone forest, where to find collectors (requirement for the hunting dagger), how to get Xiangling without resorting to the Gachapon, how the system of upgrades for characters, weapons and artifacts works.

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Instagram limits? Yes, just as you read it! In this great platform there are some limits that must be respected, otherwise you will be breaking some rule and you may get your account blocked temporarily or Read more….

And to achieve this you will have to have a broad knowledge of how to use this social network, what content strategy to perform and what actions are the ones that will make you stand out from the rest to achieve your goals. Read more…

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Do you want to know how to recover an Instagram account? Nowadays many people try to log in to their account and have problems accessing it, «could it be that my Instagram account has been hacked?», they ask themselves. «Will I be able to recover my Read more….

Are you looking for types of photos for Instagram ? tips on how to take photos for Instagram ? images to make your Instagram posts ? And Instagram is a photography application! Read more…

If you have come this far is that you want to study and know how Instagram’s algorithm works in this 2022. With this you will be able to work better your account and get more reach. The first thing is that Read more…

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Go to the guide indexStart of the guideWelcome to our guide to Elden Ring, the new role-playing and open world game from From Software. After making us die a thousand times in the Dark Souls saga, in Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Miyazaki and his team throw us into the Midlands, the largest map they have created in a video game to date.

Throughout our guide we’ll tell you all about how to complete the game 100% in one playthrough, as well as our tips for defeating bosses, getting all the weapons, getting your hands on all the magic and much, much more. Hold on tight, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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As it could not be otherwise, we find many final bosses that we will face. The Midlands are not a safe place, but with our help, you will be able to defeat anyone who gets in your way.

Elden Ring has 6 different endings. With our story guide we will tell you everything you need to do to see them in a single game, but here we leave you the conditions of each ending and its sequence, in case you want to see it directly:

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I didn’t know how I could monetize through Instagram. I was confused and frustrated because I didn’t know if there was any tool that could clarify my doubts to measure the reach of my publications, and in that sense, to be able to present my account to potential customers and charge for it. BEA spoke to me in a very clear and straightforward, non-technical way that immediately made me feel at home. She focused a lot on making me see the potential that my brand had and how I could benefit from it while contributing to potential clients. That moment was when I started to value my work and my clients more than obsessing about banal metrics. From that moment on, everything flowed and the plan of action towards my goal became clearer. Now I feel relieved and calm because I know how to use Instagram to promote my services.

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I had no knowledge whatsoever about Instagram, which made me feel very frustrated. How could my brand be a transmitter of my feelings using technology? I never thought I could influence and inspire so many people with what I love to do, let alone using Instagram as a channel to spread my content.

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