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Today, at 10.00 am on court 4 of the RC Jolaseta, semi-covered and clay, the men’s singles title will be elucidated between Alvaro Lopez San Martin and Alex Marti Pujolras, sixth seed.

His record in this competition has been immaculate. He eliminated the top seed, Nicolás Álvarez, in the first round. In the next round he did not complete his match due to an injury of the American Dali Blanch. In the quarterfinals he stopped

Álex Martí has overcome in semifinals the Argentine Julio César Porras by 6-4, 6-4. The Argentine tennis player has left an extraordinary memory of his time at RC Jolaseta. He is one of those tennis players who does not have a winning stroke, but he is constant and defends himself in compromising situations. Today he has had to overcome more than one, but has been losing capacity as the minutes passed. Circumstance that has taken advantage of the Cantabrian tennis player, resident in Barcelona. to seal his pass to the final.

Sapfo Sakellaridi and Selena Janicijevic will face each other in a women’s final in which two radically different ways of playing tennis are also opposed. The Greek tennis player is a box of surprises, not only because of her personal serving technique. She has a liftado and short serve that she uses as a resource to defend at the beginning of each serve. Because, above all, Sakellaridi defends again and again, tirelessly. He does it very well and in marathon matches. She exhausts her opponents. Today it was Ángela Fita who was her victim.

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Bendis’ development of the story doesn’t work, as he frequently resorts to the most hackneyed clichés of the genre, using them in the most anodyne way, without surprise, without passion, as if everything was a procedural of something agreed with the publisher and that forces him to close this chapter in a more or less satisfactory way for the DC Universe.

In short, Checkmate, is barely able to meet the expectations raised, with an anodyne development, clumsy in its development, even confusing, which comes to put on the table the wear of Bendis as a screenwriter in general. Bendis is not having fun, he works on autopilot, recycling ideas, using his trade, with little innovation, to comply with the dossier and little more. Are we already witnessing the twilight phase of this screenwriter? The answer can only be found within each one of us.

At this point, if you have read the two previous interactions of this macro story, you should finish this journey. However, we are faced with a work without substance, devoid of soul, with a Bendis very emotionally distant from what he wants to tell.

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When it was all over, Fortachon confessed that they should have known from the prescients, but Xandra admitted that knowing the truth can drastically change the future. Recovered by the loss, the Secret X-Patrol was encouraged to retrieve Deathbird, but Xandra – encouraged by the prescients – erased their memory of what happened on the ship and only left them with the memory of having reached them and fulfilled their mission as heroes. Xandra did not quite agree, but her foremothers warned her that no one should know about the tactical failures. So, while Roberto and his friends returned to Krakoa, Xandra thought to herself that they would be her X-Patrol and her secret.

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In short, this is an entertaining comic, which engages for its dynamism and charisma of the characters, and also brings a great potential to a formation of the X-Patrol that no one ever knows anything about.


The Shivas kicked off Friday at 20.30, with a punctuality that was repeated during the three days. The four friends from Portland arrived in Oviedo to present «Feels So Good // Feels So Bad», their fifth studio album that has meant a slowdown in their rhythms. That’s why they defended a more relaxed set than the more upbeat surf-rock material of their past.

Their 2022 proposal offered a reverberated sound, traveling in time, thanks to the guitar work of Jared Molyneux, who knew how to be brilliant or shy at the right moments, bursting into guitar solos that possess a late 60’s rhythm. And of course, Kristin Leonard on drums during the first part and as lead vocal during the second, with a hybrid tone between Patsy Cline’s classicism and Mazzy Star’s vaporousness. A sound cocktail that could fit in a scene filmed by Tarantino. Correct.

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In the end, they left a pleasant sensation, that of listening to a group of teenagers from South London that is becoming a band with cult status. So make no mistake, despite the post-punk label attached to them, this is nothing but rock, nothing less than rock.

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